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I believe that there are many good reasons to hate Disney. If you're here, maybe you do, too. While I commend Disney for treating gays no worse than other people (they seem to treat everyone equally bad), Disney has a long history that, lest I be accused of slander, I'll just say many people consider Disney to promote and profit from child & slave labor, along with other human-rights abuses.

Have you ever recorded a television show, and watched it later? Disney is working hard to make that illegal. Most people have never heard of DMCA or SSSCA. I urge you to to find out about these draconian laws, and come to your own conclusion. Under the guise of copyright protection, Disney has joined forces with other big studios to $upport new 'copyright' laws, such as the notorious DMCA, and the even worse SSSCA, that allow the copyright owner to dictate how, when, and where you are allowed to enjoy the content (music, movie, software, ebook) that you have legally purchased.

These laws are bringing nearer the day that you'll have to pay every time you want to listen to a CD that you legally purchased. Or, maybe you just bought a CD from a local band, or a band from another country, but that CD isn't "approved" to play in your CD player. Already, while it's legal to view a DVD movie on a Windows computer, it's illegal to view on a LINUX computer. This has nothing to do with piracy, this is about control.

"There is no right to fair use [of copyrighted material]."
     -- Preston Padden, head of government relations for the Walt Disney Company

Disney will do whatever it takes to $upport legislation and lobbying efforts that protect their vast media empire.

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